About In the Kan

In The Kan – A clever pun on the phrase “in the can” which is film industry lingo for when a film has been wrapped up (the “can” being a film reel canister). In The Kan is a website dedicated to giving you non-spoiler reviews and other content which will wise you up on the films that are great, and those that are not so great. Read the reviews, save money – that’s my philosophy as a critic, not some pompous film intellectual who bashes every film that isn’t a work of art. We all love movies but you shouldn’t have to pass up an entertaining film just because it doesn’t measure to some unobtainable standard. But don’t be fooled, if a movie is¬†genuinely¬†bad, I won’t be afraid to share my thoughts on it. So stay tuned to the greatest reviews all coming from a South African’s perspective.


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About Joel

Joel Kanar (pronounced “kan-er”) is a film enthusiast and freelance critic. Joel always had an interest in film but this interest grew into a passion during his studies at the University of Johannesburg. In 2011, Joel wrote a prize-winning review for Ster-Kinekor’s “People’s Film Critic” contest with his review of “The King’s Speech” and has been writing critiques professionally ever since. Joel is a frequent contributor for the Mail & Guardian, one of South Africa’s premier weekly newspapers.