Batman: Arkham Knight Game Announced


batman arkham knight 2

Rocksteady, the popular game studio behind Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City have released a new trailer for their next game, Arkham Knight. The title will be released in 2014 (I’m guessing October like all the other games) and although there is no actual gameplay footage just yet, this short intro film really blew my mind! It opens with the voice of, I’m assuming The Scarecrow as he delivers a very serious threat while scenes of the masses evacuating from Gotham are seen. We then cut to the familiar baritones of Sir Patrick Stewart’s voice, which is the emotional centre of this trailer and is a reading of The Last Will and Testament of Bruce Wayne’s father.

Harley Quinn makes a candid appearance, once again proving that she has a thing for men in uniform, while Two Face is as menacing and trigger-happy as ever. The Batmobile looks amazing this time around and you can see a dramatic overall improvement in the games graphics department. Notably, this is just a cut scene and not actual gameplay, but watch the trailer for Arkham Origins and then this one. See the difference? I have high hopes for this game and was honestly a bit disappointed with Origins as I felt it was just too repetitive. It sure as hell looked good though, but I really hope Rocksteady have a few more tricks up their sleeve when the title releases later this year.


  • Steven Benjamin

    The Batmobile looks like a Pagani Zonda… or were Pagani Zonda designers inspired by the Batmobile – perhaps the premise for a debate.