Hannibal: “Without People”

Video: Here’s a look at a haunting, beautiful, relaxing, disturbing, mesmerizing, creepy (and so much more) video illustrating the cinematography of the TV show. It’s compiled from scenes from the first season, just – without the people… It tells you all you need to know.

Hannibal. Without people. from coldmirror on Vimeo.


Meanwhile, since we’re on the topic, does it excite/comfort/distress/intrigue you to know that the same man  – Bryan Fuller – who created Pushing Daisies, also created Hannibal. He said he thought it’d be interesting to take the visual color palette and mood of Daisies, and flip it on its head…

Having kickstarted a Veronica Mars movie, Bryan Fuller looks even more likely to look at a similar recourse for Pushing Daisies, either a movie or a six episode final season to wrap things up, properly this time. Although an even greater likelihood is in seeing the likes of Lee Pace, Kristen Chenoweth and Anna Friel ‘reunite’ on Hannibal through cameo appearances.


‘One of the first calls I made to my agent was how do I get in contact with Jose Andres because I want the food world of Hannibal Lecter to be very specific and distinct and respectful to someone as a chef.” … “One of my first questions [was], “What can you eat on the human body?” And he said, “Everything. You can eat everything. You can grind the bones into gelatin to use in Jell-O molds.”’    — Bryan Fuller


If you were wondering; all Bryan Fuller shows are claimed to be set in the same ‘universe’, nicknamed the ‘Fullerverse’…  catch him on Twitter @BryanFuller.

Hannibal black creek twitter

Hannibal Black Creek set photos via Bryan Fuller on Twitter

Bryan Fuller twitter_500