To Cruise or Not to Cruise?

To Cruise or not to Cruise? That’s the real question that pops into my head every time I see this actor playing a leading role in a film I’d normally be interested in seeing. The star has had his ups and downs in the business, but despite all the tabloid and media flack he’s taken, he still gets great roles to play and he’s damn good at them. The couch-jumping hero returns this year with a new Summer blockbuster that’s being described as Groundhog Day meets War of The Worlds.

oprah-tom-cruise-jpgIn “Groundhog Day,” no explanation is given (and none is needed) as to why the main character, played by Bill Murray, repeats the same day over and over again. It does become clear though that he has to become a better person and find love for the repetition to stop. In “Edge of Tomorrow” the time loop is tied to an alien invasion and Cruise’s character must learn from his mistakes to somehow emerge victorious.

“Edge of Tomorrow” was inspired by the novel “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, a story about a soldier fighting a battle against alien invaders, who is reborn each time he dies – only to die again.

All_You_Need_Is_KillThe director of such hits as “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” Doug Liman had this to say about the stars performance in the film: “If you love Tom Cruise, you see him giving a genius performance, and if you hate Tom Cruise he dies like 200 times in the movie.” He goes on to say that “Here, he is a total coward. The amount of times he squeals in this movie – he’s an amazing squealer! Other movie stars, in my experience, would have been more hesitant about being that vulnerable.”

The screenplay for Edge of Tomorrow is by The Usual Suspects’ Christopher McQuarrie (plus Jez and John-Henry Butterworth).

Still not convinced? Then here is the mandatory blurb about the film, which at this point you probably aren’t even going to read: The film stars Tom Cruise as a military officer who is killed within minutes of a doomed combat mission to take down a hive-like alien race.  He wakes up and is forced to relive the day over and over again, but it allows him to become a better soldier, and perhaps change his fate thanks to the help of a fellow officer played by Emily Blunt.

Still not sold? Fine! Here’s the trailer then: