Topic: Is Hollywood abusing the Dinklage effect?

I pose this question because of, or in a somewhat noble quest, having recently witnessed a new trailer for a film I would otherwise have ignored (another romantic comedy ‘A Case of You’ – forgettable name too), but wait, hold the phone, Peter Dinklage makes what appears to be a scene (or movie) stealing cameo appearance. This wouldn’t be the first time a film made an overt move to capitalize on his inherent magnetism though.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (too much). I love Peter just as much as the next dude. He’s supremely talented; audiences hang on his every word. He’s become an internet sensation/tour de force and taking on something of a ‘mythical’ celebrity status, perhaps rivaling that of Dany Trejo and Chuck Norris combined. Although ‘The Dinklage’ is popular due mainly to his talent and class, (and coolness).
And so, how does Hollywood repay him? (Apart from an Emmy Award) They offer htyrion-lannister-game-of-thrones-quotesim bit-part roles in a wide spectrum of often average films. I was really excited for Knights of Badassdom, simply because he was in it – still haven’t seen it though; it disappeared almost as soon as it arrived (so perhaps the Dinklage effect wasn’t as strong on that occasion,wait, Summer Glau I also in that movie – how did they go wrong?).
Currently he can be seen ( Game of Thrones aside of course – we’re talking silver screen here) in ‘Xmen: Days of Future Past’ – this was a blatant move by the producers to capitalize on his pulling power as it generated genuine interest (of course it helped that the film was actually quite decent, surprise surprise – but Bryan Singer & FOX are still in the dog box), but apart from the hair and moustache, the role of Bolivar Trask didn’t require much from him (the 3rd ‘Trask’ casting in the franchise).
Of course Dinklage is in control of his own career so he appears where he wants to and takes the roles he wants, but then again, what other options are on the table? Before he became the worldwide darling that he is today, he appeared in a number of diverse roles (also many times as a cameo or supporting role– Death at a funeral, The Station Agent, even a reoccurring role on Nip/Tuck), my point is that the trend seems to be continuing… and he deserves better!



“… HBO, you are quite simply the greatest place to work for… you let artists create. and that’s something that’s rare, unfortunately.” Peter Dinklage in his Emmy acceptance speech.

Sorry to be the voice of doom (although his career and Awesomeness level shan’t be tarnished because of it), but I’ve seen that he’ll appear in a future project called ‘Pixels’ – alongside (GASP) Adam Sandler and friends!!! – Yes Hollywood… YOUUU did this!

The man is supremely talented, THE DINKLAGE DESERVES BETTER!

What say you, but before you answer, here’s an Inceptionism for you – Am I abusing The Dinklage Effect by using it as the subject of this post? (PSYCHE – maybe)


Face time: Peter Dinklage (as Bolivar Trask) on set of ‘Xmen: Days of Future Past’