Winter is Not Coming – It’s Already Here



By decree of Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, you are not allowed to enter if you have not watched Season One of Game of Thrones yet. There’s spoilers lurking around every corner. Littlefinger also reminded me that if you have not seen your 18th nameday, you are not allowed to be in the throne room either.



If you stalk ITK’s Facebook wall every day, you will probably know that I am the last person (on earth) to FINALLY watch Game of Thrones. To be honest – I gave in to peer pressure. I did not think GoT was worthy of my time. But after seeing a photo of Jon Snow, I figured I should sneak a peek. Surely I could suffer through one episode if it means I could see Jon Snow every other scene, right?

So I watched the first episode. My opinion? It’s vulgar, crude, barbaric, disgusting, disturbing, vile, dreadful, revolting… and I absolutely LOVE it! The nudity bothers me a little. I am not used to pornographic images (Yes, I am somewhat of a prude in that sense). For some reason the tits (I am quoting King Robert here) are not so bad, but when it comes to the rest… well let’s just say I am glad I am not watching this with my parents.

And do not let me get started on the vulgar sex scenes. It’s so barbaric. Daenerys and her barbarian’s wedding shocked me. The fact that they grabbed a half-naked girl right there in front of everyone and then have the audacity to kill each other because they do not want to wait their turn… I think I threw up in my mouth a bit. But the romantic in me (who was hiding behind the sofa most of the time) was overjoyed when Danny got Khal Drago to love her. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. But something tells me that is not going to last…


I adore Jon Snow. He is my object of affection in this series and I cannot wait to see what else happens to him. Please tell me nothing bad??? Oh I would just die if something happened to my Night’s Watchman. Robb Stark is not that bad to look at either. One other character took me by surprise as well… Tyrion Lannister! You cannot help but like that imp. He is so witty and his comebacks had me snorting popcorn through my nose on various occasions. He reminds me of Loki in a way – the same sense of humor. The scene where he confesses to all his crimes… oh man! That was classic. He confessed to have a soft spot for bastards, cripples and broken things – and that is why I have a soft spot for him. Let’s hope he does not disappoint me!

I do not like blood, guts and gore so it is obvious that I squirm whenever a sword penetrates someone’s skull. But I have to give the cinematography, editing, production design and makeup departments credit where there is credit due. Not one of the gruesome deaths feels fake. Sure a bit over the top and farfetched but not fake. The characters feel authentic and genuine. The violence is pushed to the limit and I guess the guys appreciate this even more than I do. Georgie must be very proud of this whole production. This whole world he created in his sick and twisted little mind (Come on! Face it! How can someone with a normal functioning mind write something like this?) was created in reality so the fans can bask in the glory that is Game of Thrones.

I know I have 3 more seasons to watch and I cannot wait! So much treachery. You do not know what to expect next…unless accidentally falling upon a spoiler on the interweb – curse you internet! That is the biggest reason why I did not read the books yet. I want to experience the show the same way non-readers would; makes it more exciting. But I will read the books after finishing season 4. That will give me something to do while I wait for season 5. I am sure that all the missing pieces will fall into place as soon as I read the books, books are more informative after all. But then again – books do not have Jon Snow brooding around the wall all day…

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So to sum it all up – yes, I do feel the sex scenes and nudity should be toned down. But that would mean that the era in which the series is set in, will lose its credibility and no one will fear the dark ages anymore. The blood lust is just downright horrifying. I was raised to instinctively ignore violence of this magnitude, but then again – that is what makes this story so compelling. The incest between the Lannisters borders on insanity but when Cersei explains that it purified the blood lines, you kinda want to agree with her and then you realize that this series has altered your ability to see right from wrong. You do not even flinch anymore when the show turns into a porn movie for a while and you can even appreciate that scene where the horse gets mutilated. And then you know for sure – your inner most essence has been scarred. But you cannot help it. You are addicted to the plotting and scheming of these families. You live, love and die with them. Whether you want to or not.

I bow down to the incredible mind that is George R.R. Martin. You have left us all with a valuable piece of the universe. And we thank you for gracing us with the tale of all tales.  I know now why 14,2 million people are so engrossed by this. Three cheers to the creator of this world and three cheers for peer pressure.

  • Nicola Dee

    Love it! Just so glad you finally gave in!