The mood at the ITK offices were of a sombre nature as we bid farewell to comedic titan Robin Williams – with an outpouring of tributes across the internet and the media, his untimely passing has unsurprisingly overwhelmed even the most casual of fans. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, Williams was most likely a part of your life in some way but for many, he was one-of-a-kind and he will never be replaced.

So while Venus in Fur is our film of the week, we’d like to dedicated the coveted spot to Robin Williams, our captain, our teacher, our friend with a heart big enough for everyone.

And seize the day he did.

Now that we’ve dried our man-tears, here’s the highlights of the week:

As mentioned earlier, Venus in Fur is our pick for this week – directed by the legendary Roman Polanski, this work of mental intrigue is a film that should definitely be on your calender if you’re into art house films…don’t believe me? Read Martin’s expertly written review on why this is one the best films to come out this year!


Sylvester Stallone once again proves that his Expendables franchise is most certainly expendable (seriously, stop making these) with the third entry in the series. We’re not saying you should go out and watch it, quite the contrary, but if you plan on it, be sure to take a look at Terrence’s review – he sacrificed his brain-cells so you don’t have to, make sure it wasn’t in vain.


In addition to the sad news of Robin Williams, another star has been extinguished albeit an older one. Lauren Bacall died at age 89 earlier this week – this legend of the silver screen was known for her contribution to the film noir genre and famously acted across Humphrey Bogart with her powerful presence and the best cheek bones in the business. She will be missed but thankfully had a full career to look back.

Keeping with the low-key nature of the wrap, the verdict is in and critics agree that the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is bad, but still better than the third film (which is in its own league of awfulness) but that didn’t stop it from making a ton of cash at the box-office and receiving the green light for a sequel. The film releases locally in October and we’ll be sure to give you the scoop when it arrives.

On to slightly better news: Michael Bay has hinted that he’ll be passing on directorial duties for the next Transformers film. The good news is that those movies couldn’t get any worse, so we might see a film worth seeing in that franchise but take the news with a grain of salt as the infamous king of boom pulled similar tactics ahead of Age of Extinction and look how that turned out. 

The first trailer for Mortdecai hit the internet this week starring Johnny Depp and a host of Hollywood’s brightest stars. It looks like the weird love child of Mr. Magoo and Mr. Bean but looks it won’t be half as bad as that combination sounds. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more


Don’t miss this week’s episode of The In The Kan Show – we asked you on Twitter if you had any ideas for what would be a good alternative to popcorn as a movie snack and you answered, and now we answer with a few thoughts of our own, plus we tell you why popcorn sucks. It’s our opinion, so watch it below and remember to share yours in a comment on the video.

Lastly, we just drew the winner for our awesome mystery movie hamper giveaway, Alister Ho, you’ve won yourself an awesome collection of Blu-rays and DVDs! To the hundreds of people that entered, you’re all winners in our eyes simply by supporting us and entering…but, if that’s not good enough, DON’T PANIC! We’ve got an exciting new giveaway that we’ll be launching next week that you don’t want to miss.

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