Woah Nelly, what a week it has been! San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and we’re back in business with everything that you need to know and none of the kak that you don’t – it’s our weekly roundup of everthing In The Kan.

Our film of the week is the hotly anticipated Marvel flick Guardians of the Galaxy – did it make good on the hype? We think so, and we’ve got the review to prove it, which you can read about right HERE or watch our video review below – note that they are different and the written review goes into more detail.

We also reviewed Mr. Pip, another case of a good movie that seems to have gone under the radar, so if big budget blockbusters aren’t your thing, take the emotional rollercoaster of Mr. Pip instead with our review HERE.


Aside from all the leaked footage of Batman V Superman and the ill-fated Deadpool film (which have become pretty tough to find before it gets removed by the ever-watchful studio execs), we saw the debut of three awesome trailers:

Straight outta Comic Con, here’s the first trailer for Mad Max:Fury Road starring Tom Hardy. With a heavy use of practical effects and explosions aplenty, this prequel of sorts looks like a welcome return for George Miller and all his Happy Feet, but only time will tell if he doesn’t go the Michael Bay direction.

The second trailer for The Maze Runner has hit the web and looks like the epic bit of existentialism that the book is (that or I’m just reading too far into it); if not that, then it still looks to be an incredible action thriller that is worthy of your attention!

The first trailer for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is here, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that Peter Jackson wants to go out with a bang…thankfully we only have one more film to sit through until its all over.


We’re still running our awesome Mystery Movie giveaway, which is not such a mystery now as we have unveiled the incredible titles that you stand a chance of winning! If you haven’t entered yet, you’ve still got till the 13th of August to get your entries in, so check out the competition page HERE and get cracking!



And lastly, don’t forget to listen to our latest podKast – this week Team ITK chat about how an Uncharted (the game series) movie would be the perfect Indiana Jones replacement. Also, Joel defends Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and receives a verbal flogging – good times.

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