After all the chaos over the past few weeks, things have returned to normal once again…well as normal as it could be at In The Kan.


Our movie of the week goes to Jon Favreau’s Chef – a small indie film that tugs on the heart strings and carries oodles of subtext in the process. Check out our video review below or read Joel’s written review which takes a more personal approach to this simple yet satisfying cinematic smorgasbord.

Once again, preventing mind-vomits by recommending only the best, we reviewed the 2014 incarnation of Hercules which  aside from having a very deceptive marketing scheme, never put the glad in gladiator, nor the sad, only the derivative predictable leftovers of what could have been a good film. Read Terrence’s review HERE before wasting your hard earned dough on a ticket.



Perhaps the most interesting bit of news this week is how Sony appears to be jumping on Marvel’s diversity band-wagon after announcing that Thor (in the comics) will become a female character. Not that I’m complaining; there’s been a huge gap when it comes to super-hero flicks with a female central lead and that in itself is the biggest crime. Enter Sony, who are reportedly working on a feature film slated for 2017 that will focus on a female lead from the Spider-Man universe. They’re pretty mum on what going on and our best bet would be either a Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) film or possible a Spider-Woman flick. What do you think it will be?



And if you weren’t excited for the upcoming Flash live action series on CW,  this trailer should give you all the reason you need to believe that it won’t be anything like that crappy one from the 90s.


As always, don’t forget to check out out weekly podcast – this week, with Steven on vacation, Joel and Terrence spoke about how and why the Guardians not only saved the galaxy, but may also be set to save the 2014 box office from disaster.

Lastly, we’re still running our not so mystery movie prize giveaway, so be sure to tell us what day of the week our podcasts hit the web in the comments section over HERE.

And that’s a wrap – stay classy planet Earth, and as always, stay tuned to In The Kan!