Top 4 Tear-Jerkers to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Give in to your inner chick this Valentine’s Day

Last year ITK focused on the singletons and listed 5 must-see movies if you do not want to vomit heart shaped candies and rainbows. This year we are forced to do things the girly (meaning chick flicks) way because we have a girl amongst us now. (And yes that does mean that the cyber toilet seat in our cyber office gets to have a little one-on-one action with his sweetheart aka the toilet bowl).

Love is in the air and that means everyone is feeling the romance. And you guys and girls out there who got dumped, did the dumping or haven’t bumped into Mr/Mrs right yet – Who said you cannot spend Valentine’s Day with your favourite actor/actress? So here is the top four movies to watch or re-watch on V-Day this year. So go ahead and add some heart shaped chocolates to your popcorn… we won’t tell anyone.

(Guys, for your convenience there will be a tiss-o-meter after every movie so you can determine if you have enough oestrogen in your bloodstream and for the girls to know how much tissues they will need.)

27 Dresses

Does anyone actually like weddings!? Just because we never get the chance to put on that white dress and say “I do!” This movie is perfect for all of the girls out there who’re tired of waiting for Mr Right to come along or even just Mr Right Now to pop the question. After watching this (again) you will feel confident enough to say yes when your cousin asks you to be her bridesmaid because you never know, you might meet the guy of your dreams at the wedding.

The Plot

Katherine Heigl plays Jane – a girl who is obsessed with helping brides to make sure their big day goes off without any major disasters. You would think the paw-paw will hit the fan when her spoiled little sister comes for a visit and makes a move on Jane’s boss/crush. But no, she’s too nice to tell her sister to back off. To make matters worse, Jane gets to organize the whole wedding after he asks her sister *gasp* to marry him. And to make matters worse – there is this annoying (but cute) journalist (played by James Marsden) who keeps on flirting with Jane. The end will be a shocker for sure!

Why should you watch it?

It’s a quirky movie about weddings and brides who take their bridesmaids for granted. WARNING – this movie should be watched for entertainment purposes only and not as research on how to ruin your sister’s wedding!

Tiss-o-meter – You do not need any tissues. Jane’s love confession is adorable and a bit awkward but it will not drive you to tears.

The Vow

To be honest I have not watched this movie yet. But it is on the playlist for Valentine’s Day. My best friend was shocked when she heard I hadn’t seen it yet. It seems to be one of those movies that will alter the way you live and love for the rest of your life.

The Plot

Deep down we all fear that one day we will wake up and remember nothing of our life. But then we remind ourselves that that sort of thing only happens in book and movies. Think again! This movie is based on true events. Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum)  got married on a whim but their happiness does not last very long. After a car accident she wakes up with memory loss. She does not remember being married or loving Leo. He does everything to win her heart back.

Why should you watch it?

Two words – CHANNING TATUM. Who else would you choose to spend Valentine’s Day with? He looks charming and steamy as always. Guys, if you want your girlfriend/wife to love you even more, get this movie for date night. She will remember life is too short and appreciate you more. Girls, this is one of those movie you have to watch if you want an excuse to cry your eyes out.

Tiss-o-meter – Judging by my friend’s advice you will need a whole box.

The Notebook

Many of us dream about growing old together with our sweetheart. We dream of taking long walks together on the beach, holding each other’s wrinkly old hands. Because when we get to celebrate our 50th anniversary, it means we have a story to tell our grandchildren.

The Plot

Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to break hearts into tiny pieces. The movie begins with Duke, who lives in an old age home, who reads this amazing love story to one of the old ladies who also lives in the home. Viewers are transported back to the 1940’s and gets to see how Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) meets and fall in love. But her parents do not approve of his background and forbids Allie from seeing him ever again. Noah goes to war and Ellie decides to become a nurse. After the war, the two of them reunite but Allie is engage to another man. Has fate given them another chance at happiness?

Why should you watch it?

If you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks, you will enjoy this movie. If you have watched it already, you will watch it again. This movie is the reason why millions of woman all over the world fantasizes about Ryan Gosling. Like any other “Love conquers all” movie, this one will leave you all mushy inside. But the ending is rather unnerving and really heart shattering.

Tiss-o-meter – Best to get a whole box. When the pieces begin to fall into place and you realise who Duke and his elderly companion really is, you will be crying your eyes out.

Water for Elephants

I was told that I am only allowed one Robert Pattinson movie (seeing that I am totally Robsessed) and I had to be unbiased as well. Water for Elephants is an incredible movie with or without Robert. After watching it you want to run away with the circus yourself.

The Plot

Jacob (Pattinson) was going to be a veterinarian but while he was busy writing his final exams, he got the untimely news that both his parents died in a motor accident. Jacob, who was left with a lot of debt and no home, decides to go where the road takes him. He ends up at the Benzini Brothers Circus where they believe he is a vet. He starts taking care of the circus animals and in the process falls in love with the Circus’ main performer, Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) . Only problem is she is married to the circus owner, August (Christoph Waltz). This leads to a series of events that will leave you cheering and somewhat shocked.

Why should you watch it?

Sara Gruen‘s novel is imaginative and exciting. The book comes to life thanks to the incredible mind of Francis Lawrence (Yes, the man who brought us Catching Fire). The cast is amazing and they complement each other wonderfully on screen. It is a timeless tale of love and jealousy. And there is a lot of eye candy.

Tiss-o-meter – Lots of action and suspense. You might tear up at the parts where the animals are abused but that’s about it.

And there you have it. The top four movies you just have to watch this Valentine’s Day. You do not have to cry your eyes out because you are all alone this year. Pick a really sad movie and give yourself a real reason for your pillow to be full of snot and tears.