At ITK we’re always trying new things (even if they’re old things for other institutes), so this week – assuming you follow THE WEEKLY CREAM OF THE KAN - this is something new.

As many of you do know, In The Kan is and always will be a community supported initiative and we consider ourselves extremely privileged to be surrounded by the greatest collective of movie fans on the net (and that’s a fact…in our opinion). So I think I speak for all the staff at ITK when I say that it’s a honour to announce that we will soon be unveiling an all new feature on the site where all of you will be able to have your say.

I hope that you will join us on this exciting next step of the In The Kan journey, because as much as we love what we do here, we do it all for you, and what better way of celebrating good taste in film than to share it with this incredible community!

The wrap is up next, so until next week – stay tuned to ITK

Joel Kanar – Editor-in-Chief


Most was quiet on the review front this week, but we say why celebrate mediocrity when glimmers of true genius lie just beneath the surface? We reviewed Richard Linklater’s Boyhood and bestowed upon it the most coveted of media recognition – a glowing review and full 5-Star rating. We only recommend the best, and this may just be the best film of the year so be sure to READ OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW before booking your tickets to tonight’s opening matinee!


But if you’re having a couch day be sure to check out our reviews of 300: Rise of an Empire and Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake before watching something completely different!


Between the so called Fappening and the passing of Joan Rivers, we got a good deal of geek news to pass the time. DC was certainly at the forefront this week as several domain names were registered, bringing to light an idea of what we can expect from their movie slate following next year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. A Wonder Woman movie finally appears to be rearing its head in addition to a Justice League, and an Aquaman flick.

More importantly, the rumours surrounding Dwayne Johnson and the upcoming Shazam film have been clarified from the source! The Rock announced via Twitter that he’ll be taking up the role of villain Black Adam in the film, and I’m not sure if that’s racist but we’ll roll with it. Now the question is who will take up to the role of Shazam or Captain Marvel or whatever he’s going by nowadays.

The sequel to surprise comedy Horrible Bosses is shaping up to be…something. Watching the latest trailer, it feels like more of the same, but I’ve got no problem with that!

We also got a new glimpse at the upcoming Flash TV show with a new trailer that goes for the emotional heartstrings of the story. This series looks like it really is one to keep an eye on.

And lastly, here’s a new featurette for The Maze Runner introducing all the characters that you need to know. The Maze Runner releases at the end of the month so hone your knowledge in preparation for the dystopian young adult tale that looks like its worth watching.


Lastly, Joel takes another solo mission on our weekly podKast, this time giving local distributors a piece of his mind about the delayed release of TMNT 2014 – he also gives them a taste of more horrendous singing.

What was the creamiest part of your week? Let us know in the comments – now is your time to brag!