Pad na Jou Hart DVD Review

Pad na Jou Hart is a romantic comedy that ticks all the boxes. Even for an English speaker like myself the movie translates well into English.

I am not a fan of romantic comedies or so called chick flicks but I did enjoy this one and my wife enjoyed this even more. I guess love crosses all barriers even language, and you don’t need subtitles in most scenes to know what’s going on.


The Plot

The tumultuous relationship between estranged father and son in the opening scene sets the ball rolling on a series of events that will change their relationship forever. Tragedy strikes, thus forcing the son to re-evaluate his life’s decisions and throw into that a race against time with an attractive women, thus begins a classic South African romance. Basson van Rensburg (Ivan Botha) has five days to reach Cape Town to make it to his father’s funeral (Basson van Rensburg Snr played by Marius Weyers) and earn the reigns of the family business. Not so straightforward though; his father has left a series of tasks that need to be completed before he reaches Cape Town. Amory (DonnaLee Robberts) plays his love interest who challenges and helps him rediscover his roots. During the journey which is peppered by some hilarious moments, the discovery of new love and betrayal, Basson finds his True North.



Fans of romantic comedies and South African films as this showcases both the beauty of South African culture and landscape, while still delivering some laughs, punctuated with touching moments.


The Bottom Line

This movie was a surprisingly big success at its release in South African cinemas. This RomCom deserves the success as the film was well made, had the right timing, an unexpected plot twist and emotions translates well with subtitles.

It is a typical feel good, date night movie that you will find touching. I could find little to fault it. The good thing about the locations they used is that the scenes are accessible by international audiences as a road trip movie, but within a South African context.