What drives you? What makes you tick?

In The Kan is a social collaboration of like-minded individuals and driven dreamers with a passion for film and pop-culture.

It may sound like a new age approach or even a little Bohemian, but at ITK there are no bosses – the amount of effort you put in is directly related to what you’ll get out; you’ll have team support but success will have to be your driving force. That said, this isn’t a job for slackers and even though you may not be compensated monetarily (for now), most members with the right character attributes have found ITK to be a rewarding career path where YOU are the architect of your dreams. Think of In The Kan as a modern day incarnation of Camelot’s Round Table.

If the following traits describe you, then you could very well be the next hottest member of Team ITK:






Team oriented

Independently motivated




Here at ITK, we do not discriminate based on faith, race, gender, or even skill – we are a globally-minded social collective with a desire to create and become involved in something bigger than ourselves. This isn’t an organisation for everyone, we cannot guarantee fame nor fortune, but with our efforts combined, the sky is truly the limit and we are only growing stronger.

If you’d like to follow us down the rabbit hole, send an email to telling us why you deserve a place in the ITK family, and we’ll show you just how far it goes.