The New Indiana Jones – The ITK Show: Ep 12


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This week Terrence breaks the silence on his dream film project: Uncharted – based on the video game of the same title and how it’ll be the Indiana Jones for a new generation. Oh, and Joel gets named and shamed for defending Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – seriously, it’s not as bad as everyone says it is…but it’s still pretty bad.

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  • @rty

    I had flu last week. Which meant time to re-do a little franchise festival, and I chose Indiana Jones. I watched them in my order of favourites. Raiders, Crusade, Doom. And like many other fans I refuse to recognise Crystal Skull as an Indy movie. But you know what, I actually yearned to watch it. Because I discovered that I am loyal to the franchise. I also discovered that Crusade could be my favourite over Raiders if only just for Connery’s delightful turn as Jones Sr. Temple of Doom was slightly more enjoyable compared to past viewings – Short Round had me in stitches (‘YOU call him DR Jones, lady!), but still woefully indoorsy and sound stage locked for my liking.

    • Joel Kanar

      Thanks for the comment. I still believe that Last Crusade is the pinnacle of the franchise – the writing is tight, pacing is perfect, and the story (while not as good as Raiders) is fun and packed with suspense.
      I have a bigger problem with Temple of Doom than any of the other films as the story just doesn’t feel like an Indiana Jones tale; the characters and action are on the money though.
      Crystal Skull is a tricky Indy flick as it has all the staples of the franchise, they just aren’t done as well as the other films and unfortunately takes an odd slapstick approach that feels out of place. My point is, it’s not a great film but it more or less has the Indy formula and a lot of fans blow the negative aspects of the film out of proportion and forget about what makes it an Indiana Jones film.