Previews: This Weekends Movies (9 September 2011)


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I’m finally back after the internet demons had their way with me for the past week but now a return back to form is in order. We’re in America’s post summer movie schedule which is characterised by a serious blockbuster drought so don’t expect many major releases for the next while. Here’s the preview list and trailer run for this weekends films:


Final Destination 5

Director: Steven Quale

Cast: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell and Arlen Escarpeta

A group of employees go on a team building retreat but while crossing a suspension bridge undergoing maintenance, Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) gets a premonition of a disaster waiting to happen. Convincing his colleagues to disembark and run for safety, they avoid the collapsing bridge but fate has other plans in store for them. Nobody cheats death, that’s the story as they are slowly picked off one by one, each death showcased in the most gruesome of methods.

‘n Saak van Geloof

Director: Diony Kempen

Cast: Lelia Etsebeth, Michael Brunner, Niekie van den Berg

‘n Saak van Geloof takes the story of Jesus of Nazareth and brings it into a modern South African setting. Maritjie Naudé falls pregnant and that wouldn’t be a problem if she wasn’t a young woman living in a rural community with staunch conservative parents. The most shocking news of all though is her claim that the Holy Spirit is the father. Her word may not have seemed true until many supernatural occurrences come to happen following the birth of her child. Perhaps the sceptical minds will be put to ease as they witness “miracles, coming to a church near you” when Maritjie and her newborn search for congregations in need of hope.

Wasted On The Young

Director: Ben C. Lucas

Cast: Oliver Ackland, Adelaide Clemens and Alex Russell

Darren and Zack are step brothers and could not be further apart on the social food chain at the upper crust high school where they study. Xandrie, the only girl who ever related to Darren, is assaulted at one of Zack’s parties but when she isn’t present at school the next day, Darren attempts to find the truth to her disappearance. Upon her return, all hell breaks loose as revenge is the order of the day.

Passion Play

Director: Mitch Glazer

Cast: Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox and Bill Murray

Nate (Mickey Rourke) a small-time Jazz performer becomes the victim of a botched assignation attempt after a long drive into the desert ends with his attacker biting the bullet himself. While plodding through the desert, Nate comes across an odd circus housing a peculiar act – an exotic performer with the wings of an angel (literally). Her name is Lily (Megan Fox) and Nate wants to give her a better life away from her sideshow act but this may have been easier if Nate wasn’t wanted on a silver platter by Happy Shannon (Bill Murray) who ironically is the man who Nate goes to in search of protection.

[UPDATE] Passion Play seems to have been taken off the release list, not sure why though.


That’s it for this weeks previews, is there anything that you’re looking forward to watching? Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days as more awesome reviews come your way.

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  • Johann

    passion play has some heavy hitters on the cast and looks ike it could be worth watching, but this is the first i’ve seen of it, is it scheduled for general release or arthouse?

    • Joel Kanar

      You know, I just looked through all the listings and it’s possible that it’s been taken off the release schedule. This is really odd but it might be be that it was removed due to the TCCF festival at nouveau.

      • Johann

        i just scanned its wiki page and saw that in general the reception wasn’t great…your thoughts, oh wise and noble sage?

        • Joel Kanar

          I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen it but from reading numerous other impressions my conclusion is that despite a promising cast (I’m only talking about Rourke and Murray here), the film falls flat in terms of plot and pacing. I’ll try and give it a review when it hits the home movie market.