22 Jump Street Review

If you’ve listened to our recent podkasts then you’re familiar with our distaste concerning Hollywood and humour in comedies in recent years, so walking into the screening for this film, my hopes were kind of non-existent, or at least I had very low expectations. Of course we have a very accurate indicator in 21 Jump Street, so we know what to expect here, and though that film may have been surprising to some mainly because it didn’t suck, (enough to earn a healthy return at the box-office and persuade producers to make a sequel) it still was nowhere near a gem.

The Plot

As stated previously at the end of 21 Jump Street, the two undercover cops are now headed to college to investigate the drug distribution network of a ‘new’ drug with a catchy trendy name that’s already claimed one life. In other words the same plot from 21 Jump Street, as in the exact same plot… exactly the same. They even say the words in the movie – that this is the same as the last movie.

The Target

Fans of the two main actors, 21 Jump Street, or if you’re just in the mood for a night out with a mindless but entertaining comedy. Bear in mind it is an R-rated film!

Jonah Hill, left, and Channing Tatum in Columbia Pictures' "22 Jump Street."

The Bottom Line

The comedy landscape of late is bleak, very bleak, hence I’ve stopped myself from looking at this film with too much enthusiasm. Yes, you will laugh, you’ll be entertained, but to say that this film is one of the best comedies to come out in a long while is a little misleading purely because there hasn’t been any adequate competition. And you know what, the makers of the film know this, they know it all,that everyone seems out of ideas so we get this rehashed pulp. But, the self-awareness is its greatest ally.

It’s better than 21 Jump Street, perhaps for the main reason that you know what to expect – in fact you know exactly what to expect, so if they in some way deliver something on equal footing or even an iota more than that, then its pretty much a triumph.

The not-so-secret weapon of this ‘22’ is that it’s even more self aware than 21. They know no one asked for 21 Jump Street, and definitely no one asked for a sequel to an remake/reboot that no one asked for… the producers know it, we know it, even the actors know it, and they’re not shy to say so as well… and you know what, that’s kind of funny.

22-jump-street 2
22 Jump Street is probably destined to be a guilty pleasure (or not, seeing as there’s such slim pickings), its so blatantly rehashed and over-the-top with ridiculous amounts of ‘male chemistry’ that you’ll find yourself laughing more than you care to admit – or maybe that’s just me.

The ‘plot’ is more an unashamed vehicle for Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill to explore their bromance (let’s not talk about their off-screen bet) and Ice Cube to yell at them in between. 21 was a surprisingly ‘okay’ success, but 22 I can safely and begrudgingly say, is more than just okay…

I really can’t believe I’m giving this film such a high rating. What’s going on; seriously, it just feels wrong. I want it on record that this rating does not sit well with me – but I struggled to locate the Kak okay. I shall reassure myself with the fact that the same directing duo Chris Miller and Phil Lord, were also behind our official fave comedy of 2014, The Lego movie.


But Okaayyy, the real bottom line, is that I enjoyed the movie, and I feel ashamed that I did – I’m better than this… it’s Hollywood you see – they’ve slapped us in the face with a layered serving of two things we don’t like/want (a uncalled for sequel to the unwanted remake of a loved TV show, aaand its EXACTLY the same as the last movie that we didn’t want but were also shy to admit we actually kind of enjoyed), and because you know, and they know, that its all so ridiculous that we can laugh about it, or at it…and they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

I feel so used, sullied… it’s a very dirty guilty kind of pleasure, a laughing facepalm.