30 Second Review: Sammy 2


Sammy’s Adventure came out of nowhere exactly a year ago, and with it’s limited success, managed to stage a return…just don’t expect to be shell-shocked by a second helping of its kid-friendly approach.

Sammy 2
Director: Ben Stassen
Cast: Pat Carroll, Carlos McCullers II and Cinda Adams
Running time:  93
Age restriction: PG
Genre: animation

The sequel stars the titular turtle and his friends as they once again attempt to escape the clutches of the devilish humans that have confined them to an underwater aquarium ruled by an menacing seahorse.

Sammy 2 lightens up on the eco-friendly bashing that its predecessor gripped onto so tightly, instead selling out to juvenile entertainment values…in other words, it’s the Finding Nemo clone that first film almost became. It lost the values but it kept the colourful cutesyness that made the original such a hit with children. This time however, the story just doesn’t have as much to do with the order of nature as the previous one had, a quality that while educational, set it apart from basic family fair.

It also inherited the quirky cinematography of Sammy 1, a device constructed to amuse ankle-biters by insuring that the 3D makes as much of a splash as it possible can. Often times however, it appears as though the characters are directing their comments to the audience rather than the character on the receiving end of the conversation. it’s incredibly bizarre to witness because there just isn’t anything else like it out there…with good reason though – it’s bloody irritating when I don’t know whether they’re trying to break the fourth wall or just attempt to involve younger eyes in the story.

The Target

Sammy 2 has been designed for kids – everything from the over-the-top voice acting to the 3-D gimmickry has a child-friendly label slapped all over it.

The Bottom Line

Sammy 2, as is the case with the first adventure, is very sweet and works as a distraction for kids with it’s cast of adorable marine folk. The story however is a cliched prison-break genre film devoid of tension and never truly compelling – It has heart, but no soul.