31 Second Review: Dino Time 3D


One should admire the tenacity of small time filmmakers with big time ambitions. Dino Time is a small idea and a small movie in scope, and strangely enough this forgettable adventure in the land before time has somehow made it to the silver screen, but does it stack up to the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks?

Dino Time 3D
Directors: Yoon-suk Choi, John Kafka
Cast: Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch and Pamela Adlon
Running time: 85
Age restriction: PG
Genre: animation

Plot Synopsis

Ernie, a hot-headed boy and aficionado of all things prehistoric, is sent on a trip back through time with his sister and best friend after an accidental soda spill activates their non-functioning time machine. Now trapped in planet Earth’s primordial origins, it’s up to the gang to locate the missing piece of the time machine – this won’t be easy though as the kids have fallen under the maternal eyes of a bright pink T-rex.

The Target

Any movie that features pink dinosaurs should be solely reserved for the eyes of the very young (so guys, even the young at heart should give this one a miss).

The Bottom Line

Dino Time, like the multitude of direct-to-DVD kids titles has a lower budget than the typical blockbuster material from the likes of Disney and Pixar but somehow has made it to the big screen. That said, the shortcuts are evident, both in voice talent, writing and visual presentation. The film is designed first, foremost and only for children, lacking any subtext or humour directed towards adults. Make no mistake, the film will delight its target audience but the juvenile story and grating voice actors are an instant turn off for any audience member looking for entertainment.

By today’s standards, Dino Time is ancient in look and plot and the 3-D effects make the dated visuals even more evident.