31 Second Review – Jack Reacher


Once again, I’ll be reviewing a film based on a series of books that’s popularity is so immense that it’s a wonder how I’ve flat out missed it. As with any adaptation, I’ll be rating it on how good it is as standalone work rather than a comparrisson – but it still begs the question – is Jack Reacher worthy of its source

Jack Reacher
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
CastNick Zano, Ashley Williams and Marla Sokoloff
Running time:  131
Age restriction: 13 LV
Genre:  action, thriller

An innocent man is accused of a murder he didn’t commit, his only request is to see Jack Reacher – an ex-military detective who has seemingly fallen off the grid. Reacher appears out of nowhere with no warning and his motives are as mysterious as he is; nevertheless, Reacher unifficially takes the case and with the help of an attractive female lawyer (aren’t they all?) get to work on proving the man’s innocence…but not without interference from the crooks behind the murder.

At first glance, Jack Reacher appears to simply be a platform for Tom Cruise to do what he does best – kick as with silent but violent modus operandi, but it is much more that that. Satisfying action set pieces aside, the murder mystery plot is genuinely intriguing and just when you feel that you’ve figured it all out, the filmmakers through the audience off track in the most frustrating yet diabolical ways. That said, Jack Reacher isn’t a complicated film and the case itself even less s0 – ot’s the presentation that sells it and I never tire of Tom Cruise in a good action (keep in mind that this is one of his cheesiest to date).

The Target

Without sounding too authoritative, Jack Reacher appears to be a great films for fans and action film and lovers of Tom Cruise movies.

The Bottom Line

Tom Cruise has always had this steely-eyed ability for hardened action heroes, and Jack Reacher is no different – the film is just the right brand of cheese but the addition of great storytelling, action set pieces, and a genuinely gripping plot leave this adaptation as one of the few that should be on your to watch list this holiday.

3 half