31 Second Review – Pitch Perfect


Pitch Perfect continues the ever growing trend of glee-inspired musical films to hit cinemas, but does this film graduate with honours or is it just another dropout? Just like it’s main character, it neglects it’s academic subjects in favour of arts and crafts.

Pitch Perfect
Director: Jason Moore
Cast: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson
Running time:  117
Age restriction: 10 L
Genre: music

Beca begrudgingly starts her college career but finds herself magnetised to the prospect of joining a an all-female singing group – The Bellas. The group is lead by a domineering senior student who happens to be a stalwart for traditionalism in addition to having a some rather disturbing stomach issues. The group frequently butts heads with their male rivals and take their conflicts onto the stage but the Bella’s lack of pizzazz always leaves them trailing in second place.

The title may suggest otherwise, but Pitch Perfect is anything but perfect; thankfully, it’s always in tune with a few dropped notes every so often. The films strength lies in the musical performance and the soundtrack comprised of modern and classic hits revisited  I’ve felt that Anna Kendrick has been consistently underwhelming in her career as an actress, never quite delivering a compelling array of skill and talent; it’s clear however that due to the nature of the film, her abilities as a singer completely outshine her relatively mediocre screen presence.

The weakest aspect of the film is the awfully cliched and predictable plot – it’s an obvious underdog story that is cringeworthy in how utterly obvious it can be. Then again, does anybody watch these movies for their paper thin plots? The same can be said for the Step-Up franchise that never disappoints in its hideous story.

The Target

If you happen to like Glee, then you’ve already got the jist of who Pitch Perfect is aimed at – it’s a bit of a chick flick too, so take it as it is.

The Bottom Line

Simply said, Pitch Perfect does what it does well – namely entertaining the audience with creative and upbeat modern classics, sung a cappella style. What it doesn’t do well is everything else from the flimsy and utterly predictable plot to the unnecessary gross-out humour.

3 Stars