A Good Day to Die Hard Review


When it comes to Die Hard, the audience knows what to expect – big explosions, equally explosive one-liners, and memorable villains. However, it seems all the budget for a Good Day to Die Hard went into finding a ridiculous title instead of story and casting.

A Good Day to Die Hard
Director: John Moore
Cast: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney and Sebastian Koch
Running time: 108
Age restriction: 16 LV
Genre: action

Plot Synopsis

John McClane heads to Russia after being informed that his son is to stand trial with an imprisoned mobster. After arriving at the court events obviously become volatile and McClane and son join forces to protect the notorious criminal in exchange for some crucial evidence.

The Target

If generic action films are your thing, well Die Hard 5 won’t disappoint,  just don’t expect the quality story telling that you saw in the previous entries.

The Bottom Line

Without sugar coating it at all, I can confidently say that A Good Day to Die Hard (aka Die Hard 5) is by far the worst in the series – it abandons all the principles and character that solidified the franchise as a beacon of cheesy action hero goodness in favour of a poorly assembled story that defines mediocre and a set of the most forgettable villains that have ever been captured on film. Adding to the awful mix is some of the corniest dialogue to be uttered by an action hero; it actually makes me cringe to repeat it, what’s worse is that Willis’ delivery of the lines is more akin to a comatose victims first words on awakening – it’s simple laziness and he gets away with it because he’s just milking the job for all it’s worth

I didn’t really take well to Live Free or Die Hard film either but at least its story had a fun pace to it, Die Hard 5 plays like the first act of a 90′s era James Bond Film – plenty of action, little substance – but we all know that the interesting bits come into play after Bond returns to MI6, The film is just so one tracked and lazy that it should be re-titled Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Sell Out, because it’s just using the characters from the previous films and that’s as close as it gets to being a Die Hard film.

Two stars