A Million ways to Die in an Alien Invasion – Edge of Tomorrow

I had an opportunity to watch the prescreening of Edge of Tomorrow thanks to Ster-Kinekor Facebook ticket giveaways. I was really eager to see Tom Cruise redeem himself in a decent Sci-Fi Action movie.

First, if you’ve never heard of this movie or the title sounds a bit abstract then let me break down what the movie is about.

Remember in the 80s when you played an arcade game, basically there were no save points so if you died you would start back at stage 1 and you would count on muscle memory to painstaking hammer your way through the stages until the boss was defeated.

If you weren’t around in those dark days of gaming [ED: Dark? Those days were awesome!] then it’s like Tom Cruise is Kenny in South Park he keeps dying and coming back.

The movie is based on a repeated timeline similar to most time loop movies like Groundhog Day and Source Code except with one major difference: instead of repeating a specific time period, Tom Cruise who plays Officer Cage – the reluctant soldier – repeats his life from the time a specific day begins until the time he dies, it can sometimes be minutes or hours before he dies and awakes again and resets the events of his day. So it’s more like a life repeat which is the slogan for the movie Live, Die and Repeat.


But what caught me off-guard was the humour – it’s downright funny. I said “OK, seem like Scientologist’s are funny”; the death scenes, actor banter and reactions were well scripted and entertaining. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt work well together as the straight-man/funny-man dynamic. That why I dubbed this review A million ways to die in an Alien Invasion because Tom Cruise dies excessively in this movie.

3 important features in any memorable Sci-Fi action movie:

  1. The Female lead

The female lead in the movie is an iconic hero with catlike prowess and a badass female soldier played by Emily Blunt.  Once he finally starts figuring out what’s happening to him, Bill enlists her help, with anime style silhouette on the battlefield including an impressive oversized Machete.

  1. The Aliens

>Aliens, yes aliens are a big part of this movie, the plot centers on it. The creature design was unique and vibrant, the movement of the aliens were more furious and twisty than a SHARKNADO. They came off the screen in the 3D effects and they look great in the movie even during the daylight scenes.

  1. Futuristic Weapons, Tech and vehicles

You may have seen a some recent Mech bodysuits in movies such as Elysium and Robocop’s Trainer or even in real life, yes these have been invented already but these ones are arguaby the best, not that I like these mechanized body harnesses as they make the actors movement on screen look like clumsy waddling babies. However when standing still and paired with a massive sword or shoulder turrets it does look awesome.

3D imaging, dropships and weapons – these have some level of futurism however it’s nothing you have not seen before. As most of these hi tech devices are either screaming RELOAD in Japanese or always fail or get destroyed within seconds. It just comes down to improvising on the battle field by soldiers.

The movie is an enjoyable science-fiction action blockbuster which rarely disappoints. Watch it on the big screen in 3D on 13 June.