A Million Ways To Die In The West Review

Seth McFarlane continues his foray into cinema with a second feature film he not only co-writes, produces and directs, but also stars in. All the usual McFarlane gags find their way into the script and if you’re a fan of his brand of irreverant, sophomoric humour there are a few laughs to be had here. Where the movie sags though is when it resorts to unfunny Sandler-esque gross out gags. Ted was a big hit when it was released and this time around instead of the lovable trash talking teddy bear, it’s McFarlane himself who takes centre stage in what is considered to be his most personal project yet. Fortunately, he’s managed to surround himself with a very talented cast, who bolster his inability to play the leading man somewhat.

The Plot

After backing out of a gun fight, cowardly sheep farmer Albert Stark (McFarlane) finds his ass dumped by his fickle girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried). In true “gold-digger” fashion, she wastes no time in shacking up with a more appealing man named Foy, (Neil Patrick Harris) who is the owner of the town’s local moustachery. Enter a more beautiful and mysterious woman Anna, played by Charlize Theron, through whom Albert discovers his courage and confidence. Well, these admirable traits couldn’t have come to him at a more convenient time and our hero finds himself pitted against Clinch Leatherwood. The area’s most infamous outlaw Clinch is played by Liam “I am going to find you, and when I do – I’m going to kill you” Neeson.

There’s a side-plot involving Edward, (Giovanni Ribisi) a man who is in love with Ruth, the local whore (Sarah Silvermann). Ed is basically dating a woman who has sex with her customers 15 times a day, (on a slow day) but she wants their first time together to be after they’re married.

Top 5 reasons To See A Million Ways To Die In The West!

  1. You still enjoy Adam Sandler movies.
  2. You own a Madea boxset.
  3. You’re enjoying the current season of Family Guy.
  4. You discuss the particular vintage of your fart bombs with friends.
  5. Yeah… I got nothing. Top four just sounds lame.

The Bottom Line

McFarlane has proven in the past that he is capable of some witty punchlines and there’s a glimmer of some of those in this film. Problem here is – They are weighed down by a ton of cowboy hats filled with Doogie Houser’s diarrhea.  I felt that the movie was too long at two hours. If the toilet humour overkill had been cut down, they could have made a better 90 minute comedy. The period setting is fine and the film does have a distinct Old West feel. There are some nice bits of cinematography and music that set the mood. A musical number with Seth McFarlane and Niel Patrick Harris about moustaches is quite entertaining and there are some surprising cameos (although one was shown in the trailer.) One of our fellow reviewers, Steven Benjamin summed the movie up quite nicely: “The best joke in the whole film was in the opening monologue.” They should have renamed this one “How To Make A Million Fart Jokes In The West” because that’s pretty much what you’re getting.

My final verdict: