Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best DVD Review

This wonderful bro-mantic movie is about two struggling musicians going across America to mould their unique sound and rediscover their love for music. Both have literally nothing to loose and it shows what it takes for a band to make it, which is sheer determination and never saying no to any gig no matter how weird the venue is.

The Plot

Jim is a young real estate broker with a passion for playing guitar and song writing who soon finds that his already difficult life goes out of control when he can’t get over his girlfriend  leaving him; he gets kicked out of his band because his songs are not about Werewolves and Vampires; gets fired after he attacks a co-worker with a water cooler bottle, and then loses his only music gig after he tries to defend his life from a mentally disabled child who stabs him while playing at their school dressed as a moose.

After these tragic but extremely funny events he decides to give up music and finally confront his ex-girlfriend. His phone call is interrupted by a stranger in the park who comes up to him to ask him if he wants to join his band, which puts him into a rage and Jim gets knocked out. He wakes up in his apartment and the stranger introduces himself as Alex who wants to go on a roadtrip across America, playing at these planned gigs but they need to leave tomorrow.

Jim is initially reluctant, but after a convincing phone call with his brother, the adventure begins.

 Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

The Target

I would say most people would enjoy this film and especially musicians. It is funny even if you don’t enjoy the movie itself, their music it will be entertaining.

The Bottom Line

It’s a classic coming of age, off-beat comedy and the on screen relationship between Alex (Ryan O’Nan) and Jim (Michael Weston) seemed natural and unscripted. The movie won a bunch of awards when it was released and I can see why. Even the music was amazing which can be described as the “The Shins meet Sesame Street”. It’s a real bro-mance between two loveable characters, I would say opt to watch it instead of some like Grudgematch or similar blockbusters bro-mances.

Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

This story has substance and heart, I loved it and I am buying the album.