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Here’s my review for Crazy Stupid Love – Steve Carell’s latest cinema exploit.

Crazy Stupid Love


Glenn Ficarra, John Requa


Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone




Crazy Stupid Love is an interesting example of how a romantic comedy can have a few twists and turns that conk you on the head every now and then. Its cues are always on key and the comedy compliments the romance. The romantic comedy genre often has trouble striking a good balance between comic and the cuteness and Crazy Stupid Love hits that mark; the big issue at hand though is that the film doesn’t really have enough of either.

Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore) are a couple that seem to have it all – a loving family, a home in upper class suburbia, and promising jobs to keep them busy. That all changes though when Emily drops the big divorce bomb on Cal and quickly points out that she had an affair as well. Needless to say,Cal plummets into an alcohol infused emotional tailspin, spending night after night in a bar preaching his sob story to the masses.

Thankfully Jacob (Ryan Gosling) is here to restore Cal’s manhood to its former glory. Jacob – a self professed playboy whose nights are spent whisking females from bars into his bed – gives Cal a hands-on approach to picking up the ladies. His tutoring works, it’s really surprising how a little exercise, well fitting clothing and a few corny pickup lines can change Cal into a proverbial chick magnet.Cal’s situation is easily described as an “If it can go wrong, it will”. Crazy Stupid Love also houses a remarkably ridiculous family dynamic which grows into epic proportions as the film progresses.

Steve Carell has charm and he hits his notes with expertise often leaving the rest of the cast in the dust but that’s to be expected from an actor who specialises in that tongue-in-cheek brand of humour. Ryan Gosling also provides for an entertaining spectacle as a bona fide ladies man/womaniser and executes his role with pitch perfect bravado. Julianne Moore plays an interesting role, not cold but not warm…luke warm perhaps and it shows particularly when she turns on the waterworks. Essentially, the whole film is about transformation and the actors do a great job of conveying the idea.

Crazy Stupid Love doesn’t always tap into its cast’s potential and leaves few openings for any improvising. The script is tight, every piece falls into place neatly but thankfully it still throws a few surprises here and there. Sometimes the film doesn’t take advantage of its enormous cast as they often get swallowed up by the myriad of side plots and developments. But despite the plethora of plots, the film manages to hold its own and rounds off nicely to a satisfying conclusion.

It isn’t the most exciting film though and tends to drag by the last act and the trailer gives away all the major laughs so don’t expect too much in the way of comedy. Crazy Stupid Love does have a sweet message though – the idea of the soul mate is real and love can transcend all boundaries, including infidelity and age. Whether the message rings true or not is up to you but they put out a convincing argument. If anything, it offers fans their Steve Carell fix and is light hearted enough for a night out with your special someone.


3 Stars


I’ve always been a fan of Steve Carell and he always entices me no matter what film he’s headlining. Which Carell flick ranks as your favourites?

There has been a growing trend of late amongst conventional cinema goers – the word is that 3D is out. Sales for 3D films such as Conan the Barbarian are abysmal and one can only wonder if the audiences shift in interest will prompt studios to give less focus to 3D releases.

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  • CMrok93

    Good Review! Overall, the film is too conventional for my liking. It needed to be sharper, wittier, and funnier. But for average summer fare, it’s okay. It’s far from perfect and runs on the long side, but rom-com and chick flick lovers will likely be satisfied. Check out my site when you can please!