Review: Horrible Bosses


Hi folks, It’s almost weekend time which means movie time. So today I present to you my review of Horrible Bosses, which hits South African Cinemas tomorrow! Enjoy and I hope this review helps you make the most of your bucks.

How does one describe Horrible Bosses? Well, to start off with Horrible Bosses can be offensive but where other films of the genre seemingly capture dark comedic elements poorly and in cringe-worthy fashion – Bosses gets it just right. Oft times in films such as these, I tend to prepare myself mentally for a creep to the cinema exit amidst the onslaught of crude, naïve humour, but to my delight I was surprised by how much fun this brand of heinous turned out to be. This isn’t a laugh riot where you will walk out of the cinema with your sides hurting however it does capture attention from start to finish and provides for a night of steady laughter.

So what do Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman), Dale Arbus (Charlie Day), and Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) have in common? Well, they’re friends, and each of their respective bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell) make life unbearable for them. Three average Joes, slaves to their professional ambitions (not to mention their bosses) find that their lives would be perfect if not for their superiors’ – psychotic, perverse, and flat-out drug induced fits of stupidity – causing their constant state dismay. So obviously, out of desperation to rectify the injustices foisted upon them, the logical direction is to plan the perfect murder. The only hitch is that the perfect murder is going to be executed by a perfect trio of buffoons.

Despite some misplaced cues, Horrible Bosses’ charm really lies with the ensemble itself – the sheer amount of colour in the film sets it apart giving us a cornucopia of quirky personas to play with. Bateman delivers his best “Arrested Development” brand of comedic routine to a film populated by actors that strive to produce laugh-out-loud performances amidst his more subtle approach. Day and Sudeikis complete the dim-witted gang and are appropriate showing a diversity that rounds out the performance with both a sort of hyperkinetic approach to comedy and a smooth talking misplaced belief of superior intellect -which of course is simply a facade.

Kevin Spacey pulls out all the stops and makes the character of Dave Harken his own, showing the audience that he can still be loved regardless of being the biggest jerk in the world. Aniston’s sleazy wannabe seductress of a character works well if at times a tad explicit with her blatantly poor sexual innuendos. While the audience does get a generous portion of Spacey and Aniston, Colin Farell’s loathsome character seems to get sidelined which is unfortunate given the possibilities of the entertaining, crude, situations that he creates. Particularly enjoyable are scenes starring Jamie Foxx who steals the show with his rather peculiar character “Dean MF Jones”, a fool who can dupe other fools.

The film could have been taken in a completely different direction – the possibilities of being misdirected into a foul mouthed, gore filled excuse of a film would have robbed this dark comedy of its charm. Instead we are treated to a film that keeps audiences captivated with hilarious performances in pitch perfect fashion by a cast that is dynamic and well executed in most areas. Director Seth Gordon works his way with these “everyman” personas well, taking what may be inside all of us and portrays the outrageous outcome that only Hollywood could provide.

Horrible Bosses slips up from time to time and doesn’t push the concept much further than the doorstep of darkness but it does provide enough laughs for an entertaining night out. What it gets right is done superbly but its faults put it into a category that won’t be seen as anything more than a comedy romp akin to works like The Hangover. Still, give it a look. The cast will delight you with its idiotic, sleazy, brassy and eerily honest portrayal of humanity at its most vile.


3 half


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