Identity Thief Review


It seems that in Hollywood’s version of America, the police are even bigger douchebags than they are in reality, and in Identity Thief, it’s almost like the fuzz are protecting the villains. Good thing this lapse in logic results in some awesome laughs.

Identity Thief
Director: Seth Gordon
Cast: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy and John Cho
Running time: 113
Age restriction: 13 LSV
Genre: comedy

Plot Synopsis

Sandy Patterson – a mild-mannered Denver businessman – finds himself on a trip to Florida to confront the woman who stole his identity. However, wrangling this flamboyant portly woman won’t be as easy as he thinks as she is has a bounty hunter and a pair of assassins on her tail.

The Target

Identity Thief is a crude comedy and those with a taste for something a little less refined will enjoy it.

The Bottom Line

Recently Jason Bateman has become the poster-boy for decent Americans that get their asses kicked when they don’t deserve it – a character present in Identity Thief. His opponent is the devious but lovable Melissa McCarthy whose despicable antics are usually the source of entertainment for the film, especially her signature throat punch that easily thwarts any potential enemies, acting on reflex.

In spite of a plot that is overly complicated at times, Identity Thief is consistently funny and a frequent purveyor of laughter, like any good comedy should be. The characters are likable and are surprisingly well written, but in the end, a predictable and poorly justified story isn’t the most solid of foundations and interest will wane outside of the comedic elements.

The film isn’t at all serious but certain story elements do serve to inform the public on how corporate America fingers its workers, a mature theme that I wish had a larger presence as it would surely elevate the film out of the “just good enough” category.

3 Stars