Movie 43 review



It has been heralded as the Citizen Kane of terrible movies, some going so far as to call it the worst film ever created. At ITK we know bad movies, and Movie 43 has broken our kak-o-meter…but not because it’s awful.

Movie 43
Directors: Peter Farrelly and many more
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone and Josh Duhamel
Running time: 100
Age restriction: 18 LSNVP
Genre: comedy (not)

Plot Synopsis

An April Fools prank leads three boys on a search through the internet’s seediest corners for a legendary film said to be illegal due to its dangerous power. What follows is a series of short stories that push the boundaries of the low-brow humour to the extreme.

The Target

I’m not entirely certain who this movie is for, to be honest I’m leaning towards nobody.

The Bottom Line

Movie 43 defies the rating system because it is simply a cinematic oddity that should not exist. The filmmakers claim this decade long work to be fresh and in all honesty, it is fresh but that doesn’t stop it from still being a turd…it’s a fresh turd. Movie 43 takes a jackhammer to the ground level of humour and continues to mine its eternal depths for the most depraved concepts to ever hit the silver screen. The first of the many short films sets a precedent: we are introduced to Hugh Jackman’s character – a wealthy socialite with a down to earth demeanor – his secret is that his scrotum rather than being in the location of most men’s, is a protrusion from his Adam’s apple, joining him in the sketch is a bewildered Kate Winslet who is stunned as to why she is the only one affected by this.

Following this skit are several sorry excuses for short films that range from extreme potty humour to incest and flat out racism – all portrayed by some of Hollywood’s most popular talents (Richard Gere, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, the list goes on).

As with any comedy, the goal is to get the audience to laugh…so did I laugh? The short answer is yes, but not at the so-called jokes – my laughter was a response to the fact that I could not believe what I was watching or the fact that the producers had managed to assemble such a star studded cast to effectively do these dirty deeds. One might even wonder if their was some kind of blackmail involved, the film cost a reported 6 mil and the actors worked for a pittance. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that this is THE black mark on the careers of those involved.

Simply put Movie 43 is the product of a collective 10 year old mind, and a depraved mind at that – none the films are remotely funny or clever, and while I have seen movies far worse than Movie 43, most of those that I have had the displeasure of sitting through haven’t featured the heap of talent that this one has on it’s side (too bad the talent doesn’t apply to the writing side). Every story is equally heinous and should be considered a crime punishable in court – the act of watching Movie 43 for entertainment purpose  should be outlawed because it might lead to suicidal tendencies or a narcotics overdose in an attempt to expunge the most regrettable 100 minutes that any human can possibly experience. It is mentally scaring, and what saves it is the fact that unlike other terrible movies, this one doesn’t attempt to be good.

Is Movie 43 the most dangerous film ever created? Yes, but not the one in the plot.

  • Dan O’Neill

    Good review. It’s a pretty painful experience that just made me sad for the talent involved and for the people who bought tickets to buy this crap. Oh wait, that includes me.