The Conjuring Blu-ray Review

The horror genre, I am sad to say, I’ve become immune to over the years because directors rehash scare devices, and then there are some lazy directors who just use a lot of gore to shock rather than scare, and of course new audiences do fall for it, but when reviewing the movie dubbed by some as the scariest movie ever made, I am highly skeptical. Horror has not been a very popular genre at cinemas in the past few years;  there haven’t been many big releases  and bubble-gum horror like the final destination and paranormal activity movie franchises are destroying this genre in my opinion. I rarely get excited about the next horror movie DVD or big screen release.

Well, saying that, 2013 was a decent year for horror, and this was one of these gems. Based on real life exorcists Lorraine and Ed Warrens, and the case files of the Warrens, comes a movie that will scare the 2-minute noodles out of you. Okay, so my advice is don’t watch this movie while eating, alone, or in the dark, if you’re jumpy or even if you think you know what to expect.



The inspiration was from real life case file, photos and footage which the movie’s story and characters are based upon. Usually when they say “real life” I don’t take much notice as it’s a device used by most recent films (e.g.  Paranormal Activity; the parody movie ‘A Haunted House’ was scarier). However, this movie has some good pedigree behind it. Secondly you have renowned horror director James Wan (Director of Saw and Insidious), and thirdly you have lead actors Vera Farmiga (TV’s Bates Motel, Departed) and Patrick Wilson (Insidious Movie Franchise); a recipe for success that definitely has potential to deliver.

The Plot

Ed and Lorraine Warren, Demonology lecturers, Museum curators and Exorcists try to assist the Perron family terrorized by an evil spirit in their farmhouse. This experienced couple and their team of paranormal investigators try to unravel what seems like a standard job.

After a few days of investigation the realization dawns that they’re dealing with something truly unexpected, more powerful, and evidently not the run of the mill malevolent spirit.



The Target

This is for fans of supernatural horror, and I mean real fans who can handle a few heavy weight scares.

The Bottom Line

Repeatedly mentioned so heed my advice don’t watch this movie while eating, alone, in the dark or if you’re jumpy. Other than that I can’t give away spoilers it would only dampen your experience of the scare devices used in this movie. The plot plays out as unoriginal, it’s nothing you have not experienced before but the execution on screen from the acting, the ominous set designs, sound effects and eventually to building tension and heightening scares scene after scene feels fresh and won’t leave your heart at a steady pace but you will be glued in terror until the end.

It’s a focused movie from the first to the last minute. So don’t expect a break, I mean this isn’t a boring period version of Paranormal Activity.

Special Features

After watching the movie you will be in disbelief that these were actual people, places and a story from actual case files, so you will want to watch these special features.

The Conjuring – Face-to-face with terror: Basically it’s about what inspired the movie.

A Life in Demonology: Well if there are universities offering studies majoring in Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga I don’t see why people can’t study Demonology. This takes you inside the life’s work of paranormal experts.

Discussion with Director James Wan as he shares the secrets behind Scaring the “@$*%” out of you. Yeah thanks Mr. Wan for that after you already scared the “@$*%” out of me.