The Fault in our Stars Review


It doesn’t happen very often that a movie touches your soul in some profound and spiritual way, but The Fault in Our Stars does just that. It reminds us that life is precious and that we have to live, love and lose that love in order to really feel alive. Some people (also known as my esteemed colleagues) are calling this movie Cry-vergent, not only because we get to see Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort playing the two star-crossed lovers (they were cast as sister and brother in Divergent), but also because TFIOS broke the box-office during it’s opening weekend. The film made $48 million during its opening weekend and got Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow grabbing for its tissues (This movie only banked about $28.7 million). But that is not all the two overly successful movies have in common. John Green’s adaptation showed once again that Hollywood can still make a success of turning books from pages into scenes in a movie.


The Plot

Like all chick flicks TFIOS has the same plot – Girl meets boy, boy falls in love with girl, etcetera and etcetera [ED: spoilers withheld]. Well if you have read the book, nothing I say will be able to spoil it for you any way…except John Green – he spoiled everything and he ripped our hearts out and squashed it with his big ugly feet… to get back to the plot. Hazel Grace does not want to get too close to anyone because she sees herself as a grenade and she wants to lower the damage once she explodes. The fact that she is a cancer survivor gives her a very bleak outlook on life. Until she meets Augustus Waters. They have something in common though – he had cancer too. Gus does not waste any time in wooing Hazel Grace and after she tries to fight her feelings, she discovers that there are two things in life that you do not have control over – when you die and who you fall in love with.

The Target

Everyone who has read the book will probably go see it on Friday, but thanks to clever marketing from Twentieth Century Fox, everyone else knows about this movie by now – but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It’s still what many would consider a chick flick but you owe it to yourself to break out of you comfort zone just this once. Fans of Shailene will absolutely go crazy and Hollywood might just have found a new silver screen prince in Ansel. He dazzles you – on and off the screen.


The Bottom Line

The one thing that differentiate this love story from the rest is the fact that you know one of them is going to die. Within the first 5 minutes of the movie you know it is going to happen. You just get that feeling. You know the one that feels like icy fingers brushing against your skin. You can feel death entering the room. But you will watch it and you will cry your heart out because deep down you know that you have craved for an emotionally wrecked movie like this. And Hollywood finally delivered. You’ll go onto Twitter and thank John Green for this little (short-lived) piece of heaven; you will forget why you were mad at your boyfriend/husband and just ravish him with kisses; you will remember to cherish the important things and quiet moments in life. Oh and remember to take some tissues along.

  • leeann

    Sounds like a great movie beautifully described. Can’t wait to watch it

    • Zan-Mari Vosges

      You will love it LeeAnn. Let us know what you think afterwards.