A Story of a Purely Human Interest [Sponsored]

There are a lot of stories about people, who fail to accomplish their dreams, refuse to fight and fail even more drastically, gradually losing all self-respect and falling into complete despair. Usually these are cautionary tales and extremely rarely these are stories of inspiration and hope. This is Philomena. A failed journalist, who once worked as a representative of the BBC in Moscow, suffers failure after a failure and gradually becomes a laughing stock among all of his friends and colleagues. He fell into despair, he suffers from severe depression and it seems as if there is no way back on the top. Until one day, completely at random, someone gives him an idea of ​​writing a story about a living person, the story of human interest. Previously, he was opposed to exposing details of the personal lives of others to the public, but now, out of desperation, he agrees. What happens next was a complete abruptness for everyone and for him firstly. He gets acquainted with Philomena, whose history touches him so profoundly, he not only writes it down to the tiniest detail, but follows her on the search of her son, who she has not seen in fifty years, since the day he was born.

It is completely natural that the movies with a mark “based on a true story” occupy some special place in the cinematograph. No matter how amazingly talented, witty and intelligent the director is, no matter what is the scale of literary talent of a screenwriter and no matter whether the actors are able to conquer the viewers around the world with their sincerity and charisma. Movies, base on actual events, posses a kind of special charm, incomparable to any of all the fictional stories. Perhaps, the fascinating attraction of many of these films is explained by the fact that they are similar to our own life situations. Others are probably shocking and striking with the realization that this story actually happened with someone in real life.

What is so special about Philomena? Philomena is real. Each sentiment, every sound, every attention and every gaze – it seems as if it is happening right around us, and we are taking a direct part in the lives of the main characters. Stephen Frears, a born genius of cinematic drama and a winner of two awards at the Berlin festival presents to the world another masterpiece with Judi Dench, after the great success of the Queen. A touching, tender, poignant Philomena – is a story that actually happened once with some ordinary people and can easily happen again with any of us. The details of the drama have not yet been disclosed to the wide audience. However, some key moments of the story line could be seen in the Philomena trailer.

A wonderful duo of Judi Dench and Steve Coogan on the screen constitutes a unique harmony, making an already thin and delicate film even more affecting. So now we can only wait for November 1 with bated breath and prepare for something most extraordinarily beautiful.