The Counselor: Have you been so bad? [Sponsored]

Brilliant award-winning director Ridley Scott, known for his atmospheric visual style and famous for such films as Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator, Prometheus and many others, is striking again with his brand new movie called The Counselor. The Counselor promises to be outstanding already because it has an absolutely amazing cast, starring such big stars as Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Michael Fassbender. The movie uses a strong and contrasting approach, demonstrating a battle of good versus evil, a hunter versus the prey. Some critics find the movie controversial due to its nihilistic tone, incredible plot and story structure, and explicit sex scenes. Ridley Scott is one of the directors that has his ups and downs, you can love him or hate him, but he is not going to leave you indifferent. Nevertheless, it is definitely not the type of movie that you want to miss, so get ready for hot action and interesting plot twists.

The main character is a wea;thy and successful lawyer, who is essentially that very counselor. He is living a good life and is about to get married with his beautiful fiancé, however, it is not going to happen that easily. Everything changes and becomes extremely difficult when he meets up with a man, known as Westray, who tells him that his profitable drug trafficking plan has come to a wrong end. Horrible consequences are playing against the main character, so know he must protect himself as well as his beloved one, as the truth is coming out, making them targets for the wrong people.

From a first sight, the story may seem a bit ordinary or redundant, avoiding telling anything special. One freely may say that they have already seen it somewhere else. However, there is no need to be that quick to conclusions or  hasty generalizations. The movie has a lot to offer, so you will be pleasantly surprised after watching it since it has many interesting interweaving plot points which will definitely make you say “wow”. The astonishing acting also contributes a grear deal to the film, so it will make you enjoy it as much as possible.

The Counselor is considered to be one of the most awaited movies of this year and this is pretty reasonable. A typical story, written and directed in a completely new way and spiced up by some fantastically unexpected twists. An outstanding cast and dark fantasy mixed with the unique style of Ridley Scott will leave you with positive feelings and emotions – it will leave you wanting to watch this movie again and again.