We’ve sorted through our weekly crop of posts and have hand-picked the creamiest content for your reading pleasure! Here are our picks of the week (23-27 June 2014):

This week Joel attended the screening of Transformers: Age of Ex(stink)tion and let’s just say that he’s still recovering from Michael Bay’s explosive fap fest. You can read his review here. Thankfully it wasn’t all doom and gloom this week though. Steven attended the screening for Tom Hardy’s one-man show Locke, which is our pick of the week. Read his review here.locke_xlg

In the way of trailers, here’s the first one for Brad Pitt’s upcoming WWII action flick FURY…

We also got a new trailer for the reptilian Transformers movie. We were not amused…

And then last, but not least Here’s Episode 7 of our weekly podcast: 

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Joel and the ITK gang weigh out the odds and do stuff..thangs, in the latest episode of The ITK Show!

That’s a wrap folks. Be excellent to each other!